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The Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program is an 11-week summer research internship for undergraduate students. Dates for the 2018 program are May 14, 2018 – July 27, 2018. Selected students spend one week, May 14 – 18, 2018, at The University of Southern Mississippi and the remaining ten weeks at their chosen host laboratories at research-intensive universities in Mississippi. At The University of Southern Mississippi, students will attend a biomedical research training session, which includes training in basic laboratory techniques, responsible conduct of research, ethics, biosafety, bioinformatics, and professional career development.

During the biomedical research training session, housing and meals will be provided for students. For the remaining ten weeks at the host laboratory, students will be expected to find housing in the area. Students will receive an award, which they can use for their living arrangements and travel to their host university.

Prior to application to the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program, students must contact and secure a mentor at one of the host universities listed below. Students may choose any mentor from these research-intensive universities. To aid in finding a mentor, please feel free to look through the Mentor Database below. This list is not exclusive and students are welcome to choose a mentor outside of the names listed in this database. Mentors must be secured before sending in the application. 

View the Mentor Database here

Applications due by March 1.


Research-Intensive Host Universities

Jackson State University
Mississippi State University
University of Mississippi
University of Mississippi Medical Center  
The University of Southern Mississippi



All Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars (MIRS) are required to be undergraduate students, Mississippi residents, and U.S. citizens. Applications from students who do not fit these requirements will not be considered for funding. There is no restrictions based on undergraduate classification. Graduating seniors are eligible as long as they have not begun their graduate program at the time of the internship. Previously funded MIRS applicants will not be considered.

For the duration of the program, student interns are expected to work hard, learn new research methods, develop interpersonal skills, and build professional relationships. MIRS awardees are required to present their summer research in a poster at the annual Mississippi Academy of Sciences meeting, held annually in February. Lastly, student interns will be required to present a poster at the Mississippi INBRE Symposium, held annually at the end of the summer. Travel and presentation costs are considered as part of the award provided to MIRS awardees at the beginning of their summer internship.

For the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program, students will be required to find a mentor from one of the research-intensive host universities. The mentor must agree before application to allow the student to intern in their lab for the summer. Mentors will be provided an award to help defray the cost of supplies the students use throughout the summer.

Please view the student expectations and deliverables for a complete list of requirements.



Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars receive an award of $4,500. This award can be used to cover your living expenses throughout the 10-week summer internship AND to help pay for travel expenses to Mississippi Academy of Sciences and the Mississippi INBRE Symposium.



The deadline to submit applications for the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program is the close of business (5 p.m.) March 1.



To apply for the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program, fill out the form below and attach a resume/CV and a personal narrative. Please be sure to enter the required information correctly as this will be crucial in notifying students of their award status.

The personal narrative should include information about the student applying, future goals, purpose of being in the biomedical research field, past lab experience and other information that would be useful during the selection process. For more information about the narrative, please visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website.

You must verify acceptance of your mentor before applying.


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Maximum size 10MB

We're sorry, but you must be a Mississippi resident and a US citizen in order to participate. Thank you for your interest.
We're sorry, but you must verify acceptance by your mentor before applying. Once you have confirmation from your chosen mentor, you may proceed forward with submission of your application.
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*Graduating Seniors mean you haven't started any graduate school work/program.

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