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The Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars program consists of a 10-week summer intensive training program designed to attract, train, and mentor undergraduate students to pursue biomedical careers. Students are placed with our partner organization, My Brother’s Keeper, Inc., out of Jackson, MS. This organization is designed to enhance the health and well being of minorities through leadership, collaboration, and partnerships in public and community health practices. Throughout the summer, interns will increase their knowledge and awareness of the connection between biomedical research and public health practices.

Dates for the 2018 program are May 21, 2018 – July 27, 2018. Students will begin their internship with a two-week training session provided by My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. in Jackson, MS.  During training, students will be introduced and matched with mentors at one of the community-based public health programs established by My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. MISS awardees will spend the remaining 8-weeks of the internship participating in a professional workforce experience with the mentor they matched with during training.  Such organizations and programs include those involved in The Center for Community-Based Programs (CCBP), The Center for Research, The Center for Evaluation and Environmental & Policy Change (CREEP), and Open Arms Health Clinic.

Interns will be assigned mentors and assignments based on interests and future plans. Students will have the opportunity to obtain valuable certifications and the skills to put those to use. Possible certifications include HIV testing and counseling certifications, CPR certification and phlebotomy certification.

Students will be assigned a research topic and will investigate that topic throughout the summer to create a 5-10 page research paper and a poster presentation by the end of the summer experience. Students will also have opportunities to work at different events in the community doing STD testing and counseling and education on healthy lifestyles and HIV prevention.

Applications due by March 1.


My Brother’s Keeper, Inc.

For more information about My Brother’s Keeper, Inc., visit their homepage at My Brother’s Keeper, Inc.. For questions about this internship, please contact Mr. Antwan Nicholson at or at 601.898.0000 extension 113.



All Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars are required to be undergraduate students, Mississippi residents, and U.S. citizens. Applications from students who do not fit these requirements will not be considered for funding.

For the duration of the program, student interns are expected to work hard, learn new research methods, develop interpersonal skills, and build professional relationships. They are required to present their research in the form of a research poster at both the Mississippi INBRE Symposium, held annually in the fall, as well as Mississippi Academy of Sciences, held annually in February. My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. additionally requires students to complete a 5-10 page research paper as well as any other deliverables required by their mentor. Travel and presentation costs are considered as part of the award provided to MISS awardees during their summer internship.

Mississippi INBRE requires all participants to adhere to all instructions and requirements given by the My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. staff.

Please view the student expectations and deliverables for a complete list of requirements.



Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars receive an award of $4,500. This award should be used to cover your living expenses throughout the 10-week summer internship AND to help pay for travel expenses to Mississippi Academy of Sciences and the Mississippi INBRE Symposium.



The deadline to submit applications for the Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars program is the close of business (5 p.m.) March 1.



To apply for the Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars program, fill out the form below and attach a resume and a personal narrative. Please be sure to enter the required information correctly as this will be crucial in notifying students of their award status.

The personal narrative should include information about the student applying, future goals, purpose of being in the biomedical research field, past lab experience or community-based public health outreach, and any other information that would be useful during the selection process. Also, please include the answer to the following question: “What do you believe is the connection between public health and biomedical research?“.  Please be specific in your narrative regarding your interests and goals as this information will be considered in your research topic assignments. If you have other requests for placement, please include this information in your narrative. For more information about the narrative, please visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website.

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We're sorry, but you must be a Mississippi resident and a US citizen in order to participate. Thank you for your interest.
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