On July 27, the state’s largest biomedical research conference was held in Jackson, Miss. boasting over 400 attendees from more than 25 colleges and universities.

The Big IDEAs for Improving the Lives of Mississippians, 2018 Mississippi IDeA Conference is the first of its kind, showcasing the biomedical research conducted by all six of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences’ Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) funded programs in Mississippi.

At this meeting, faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students were able to present the research they had been working on as well as exchange ideas. The almost 150 students also had the opportunity to expand their own professional networks.

The areas of research presented included: obesity & cardiometabolic diseases, cancer, neuroscience, infectious diseases & immunology, community health & health care disparities and integrating omics technology & general biomedical sciences. More than 130 researchers presented in oral and poster presentations.


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