Facilitating Connections

Led by Core Director Dr. Shahid Karim, the mission of the Bioinformatics Core is to provide a robust bioinformatics network to advance biomedical research and training infrastructure in Mississippi. This network builds on infrastructure we have established in the current phase. The bioinformatics experts that make up the network are dedicated to enhancing the biomedical research capacity in the state and training students and faculty in bioinformatics tools. The Bioinformatics Core is committed to:

1. Providing bioinformatics support for all MS investigators including all IDeA programs

2. Enhancing and maintaining bioinformatics infrastructure

3. Developing and implementing data management systems and

4. Providing education and training for students and faculty.

The Bioinformatics Core will continue to work closely with the Proteomics and Genomics Core Facilities, which are integrated within the Instrumentation and Services Core, to provide expertise to investigators in analyzing complex datasets. Critical services provided by the Core are access to commercial software, computational environments, and training, which includes curriculum development.

The Bioinformatics Core is a collaboration involving the University of
Mississippi Medical Center and the University of Southern Mississippi. We offer a workshop as part of the Bioinformatics Core. Presented by the Bioinformatics Coordinator, Dr. Lavanya Challagundla, this two- part workshop provides hands-on training to students in computer
labs at predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUIs). Content includes an introduction to basic bioinformatics tools, career advice
specific to the bioinformatic field, and an overview of the types of biomedical research that utilize specific bioinformatics tools. In addition, faculty may customize content based on their students’ needs. These workshops are scheduled during regular class time, making it more convenient for PUI faculty. Contact Dr. Lavanya Challagundla at lchallagundla@umc.edu or 601.984.4316 for more information about the workshop.

Dr. Shahid Karim

Bioinformatics Core Director



Dr. Alex Flynt

Bioinformatics Associate Director



Dr. Lavanya Challagundla

Bioinformatics Coordinator