Mississippi University for Women graduate, JR Kent has been using the experience gained from his time as a Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar to take him into the field of biomedical research. JR says that his experience taught him about other careers that he may not have previously thought about.

During his summer with Mississippi INBRE, Kent conducted research entitled, “Role of Hepatoma Up-Regulated Protein (HURP) in Prostate Cancer Resistance to Chemotherapeutic Drugs.” After completing the summer experience, he was able to present his research at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences in 2014, receiving third place in the Millsaps-HHMI Undergraduate Scholars Symposium.

After graduation from MUW, JR went on to receive a master’s degree in biomedical science with an emphasis in microbiology/immuniology. Currently, JR is the owner and operator of Kent Labs, LLC., a microbiology laboratory located in Jackson, MS which supplies yeast, bacteria, contamination testing and other laboratory services to breweries and home-brewers. He also works at Belhaven University teaching undergraduate microbiology courses and is the quality control/yeast & fermentation manager at Lucky Town Brewing Company.

Congratulations, JR! We look forward to seeing where your experience will take you next!