The University of Southern Mississippi graduate, Gary Crispell has continued to conduct valuable research since his time as a Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar. He says that being apart of the Mississippi INBRE program not only helped him to learn about basic laboratory procedures, but also gave him critical thinking skills and dedication necessary to conduct research. He learned how to plan a project from start to finish in the search of answers to scientific questions.

Following his experience as a Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar, Gary graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from The University of Southern Mississippi. Since then, he continued to conduct research as a graduate student in the lab of Mississippi INBRE Bioinformatics Core Director, Dr. Shahid Karim. He has been able to present his research nearly 20 times in regional, national and international conferences. Gary has consistently won awards for his research every year since his participation in the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program.

He is currently finishing his third year of the biological sciences doctorate program at The University of Southern Mississippi. His research is on the possible involvement of Amblyomma americanum with the onset of red meat hypersensitivity reactions in humans.

Congratulations, Gary! We look forward to seeing where your research will take you next.