2015 Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar, Christine Beck has worked hard to further her research since being a part of the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program. After completing the program, she was able to present her research at the Annual Mississippi Academy of Sciences meeting; at the first annual Posters in the Rotunda at the Capitol Building in Jackson, Mississippi; and at the 2016 NISBRE Conference in Washington, D.C. She graduated summa cum laude from Delta State University in 2016.

Christine is currently working in Leland, Mississippi at Valent USA, a plant pathology lab. She has also worked to continue her research in collaboration with professors and students at Delta State University.

Christine says, “The most valuable thing I learned as an INBRE Research Scholar is that I do have what it takes to conduct and present graduate-level research. Graduate school can seem so intimidating as an undergraduate, and the Mississippi INBRE program gave me the confidence to know my capabilities and not limit myself with self doubt. The research skills I gained during this experience have opened so many opportunities, and I look forward to many more to come.”

Congratulations, Christine! We look forward to seeing where your research will take you next!