Since completing the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program, Mack Davidson has continued his research and education. Currently, Mack is finishing up his degree in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University. Mack has also been included in two publications with his mentor in a biophysical chemistry lab. He has also been able to present his research in multiple conferences including the Mississippi State Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Southeastern Meeting of the American Chemical Society. While working on his degree, Mack continues to do research in multiple labs at Mississippi State University.

Mack said that being apart of the Mississippi INBRE Scholars program allowed him to get a head start in the research community and gave him the tools necessary to succeed.

About his summer experience, Mack said, “I learned that often, how a question is formulated, experiments are designed, and how data is gathered is much more important than simply producing answers.”

Congratulations, Mack. We look forward to seeing where your research takes you next!