2015 Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar, Paige Allen has used her summer research experience to push her further in her research and education.

Paige said, “My experience with MS INBRE gave me a lot of techniques and experiences early on in my science career that I still use to this day. Because of me wanting to get my PhD, it really opened up a way for me to do what I would be doing in my chosen path to further strengthen my decisions for my future.”

After completing the Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars program, Paige graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Southern Mississippi and is currently in her second year of working on her PhD at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. She is studying Pathobiological Sciences. Her research allows her to work with arthropod vector transmitted Rickettsia species of varying disease levels. She predominantly looks at how these different species utilize host lipid metabolism in a range mammalian cell lines to get a better understanding of how the pathogens specifically are capable of manipulating human processes to cause disease so that we can develop more targeted, efficient therapeutics against these bacteria.

Paige said that one of the most beneficial parts of her summer research experience was learning how to present her research to a group of peers. “Sharing your work with the science community is one of the most important things you can do as a scientist and I believe that my experience as a Research Scholar taught me how to present my own work confidently which has helped on many occasions after my experience with the MS-INBRE and will continue to help in the future.”