2016 Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar, Allison Barnes has worked hard to continue her research since being apart of the Mississippi INBRE Scholars program.

Since completing her summer experience, Allison has been recognized on several occasions for her research. She was awarded the Srinivasan Excellence Award in Biological Research and the B.D. Mehotra Award in Biochemistry. She was also inducted into both the Sigma Xi Biological Research Society and the Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society.

After finishing her degree in biology from Tougaloo College, Allison began working as a researcher at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in the biology department. She has had several opportunities to present her research and has a pending publication for her research she completed with Mississippi INBRE.

Allison’s time as a Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar allowed her to build her professional network and strengthen her presentation skills.

She said, “I always thought research was boring and mundane, but through the INBRE program I learned that research can be fun and interesting. Because of that realization, I decided to continue doing research even after college and am now working full time as a researcher.”

Congratulations, Allison. We look forward to seeing where your research will take you next!