CDMP Facility Resources

ImageEquipment NameDescription
pastedGraphicIsco/Teledyne CombiFlash EZ Prep system with Mass DetectorThe CombiFlash® EZ Prep is a compact instrument which streamlines both Flash and Prep HPLC applications. Users can easily switch from Flash pre-purification to generating compounds on Preparative ​HPLC. The RFID-encoded collection racks ensure proper loading and allows for changing racks out during separation.​ The CombiFlash EZ Prep comes equipped with Teledyne ISCO's PeakTrak® software, which integrates all detector options for single-point control.
1__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicBiotage SP1 Flash Purification SystemThe Biotage® SP is a touch screen liquid HPFC chromatography system. The Flash chromatography instrument is small enough to fit into a fume hood, and can quickly and efficiently purify compounds. The instrument includes solvent and waste monitoring as well as an on-board fraction collector. The versatile system can accommodate a large range of columns cartridges, making it an excellent choice for many chromatography applications.
2__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicBiotage Flash-75 SystemBiotage® Flash-75 is a simple and reliable system that contains everything needed for separation and scale-up. The system operates at a flow rate of 250 mL/min, and can support separations of up to 100g per run. The Flash-75 system can safely operate at 100psi, which enables use of high viscosity solvents and increased flow rates. The system allows users to easily scale up and save valuable purification time.
3__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicSanki LLB-M Centrifugal Partition Chromatography SystemThe Sanki LLB-M system is capable of semi-preparative and preparative scale chromatography applications. The instrument has 2136 partition channels and a total volume of 230mL, and can be used to efficiently isolate, separate, or fractionate bioactive materials on a preparative scale.
4__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicSupercritical Fluid Technologies SFT-150 SFC Extraction SystemThe SFT-150 System is designed to perform extractions in a supercritical fluid media. The instrument has a stainless steel vessel capable of containing supercritical fluids at pressures up to 68.9MPa, and can hold pressure vessels up to 2 liters in capacity. This allows for the extraction of very low levels of key components from materials, or processing of larger amounts of bulk material. A variable restrictor valve provides precise control over flow rates, typically ranging from 1 to 330 ml/min.
5__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicPerkin Elmer Series II CHN Analyzer 2400 SystemThe 2400 Series II Elemental Analyzer allows for the rapid determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen content in organic and other types of materials. The instrument is fully automated, including a 60-position autosampler. The 2400 Series II also includes Data Manager Software, which helps streamline data collection and analysis.
6__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicPerkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FT-IR SpectrometerThe Spectrum 100 FT-IR is capable of performing accurate measurements of optical filters and high refractive index materials in the infrared region of the spectrum. The system incorporates features designed to minimize and remove sources of FT-IR error, achieving higher levels of photometric accuracy. The instrument provides for absolute transmission accuracy, and a data collection range from 7800 to 370 cm-1.
7__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicRudolph Research Analytical Autopol® IV Automatic PolarimeterThe AUTOPOL® IV is a touchscreen automatic laboratory polarimeter available in several wavelength versions. The system is capable of user-customizable readouts in concentration, specific rotation, and optical rotation. The simple user interface allows for push button wavelength selection, temperature correction, and statistics. The polarimeter can accommodate a range of sample tubes from 50-200mm.
8__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicSP Scientific Genevac Series II Evaporation System with VC 3000DThe Genevac EZ-2 is designed for solvent evaporation and removal, concentration of samples, and complete drying. The concentrator is suitable for both water and volatile solvents. The compact instrument has several pre-programmed methods and an auto-stop feature for run simplicity. The system utilizes a VC 3000D vapor condenser.
9__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicWaters Micromass Quattro Micro ESCi Multimode Ionization LC Mass SpecThe Micromass Quattro Micro system is a mass spectrometry tool for quantitative trace analysis. The instrument is a tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer with Electron Impact and Chemical Ionization sources. Samples may be introduced via gas chromatography, direct insertion probes, or desorption chemical ionization probes. The ESCi multimode ionization source minimizes the need for source-changes and repeat injections when multiple ionization techniques are required.
10__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicBiotage Initiator Microwave ReactorThe Biotage Initiator instrument performs standard organic microwave synthesis operations. The instrument can process reaction volumes between 0.5 and 5 mL, and is equipped with a touchscreen used for experimental planning, instrument control, and reaction monitoring. The system accommodates multiple vial sizes for experimental flexibility, and single-mode applicator and the Dynamic Field Tuning offer faster and more powerful heating of a broader range of solvents.
11__#$!@%!#__pastedGraphicWaters Alliance UPLC with Xevo TQDThe Waters Alliance UPLC system is designed to meet a wide range of separation challenges. The instrument has flexible system configurations, as well as scalable liquid chromatography separation chemistries, to help meet needs from multiple applications. The Alliance system has a user-friendly LCD interface, allowing for rapid set-up, data collection and storage, analysis, and reporting. The Xevo TQD module allows a wide range of ionization capabilities, providing sensitivity and robustness to quantitative UPLC-MS/MS applications.