The Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence (GlyCORE), an NIH Phase I Center of Biomedical Research Excellence, was established earlier this year at the University of Mississippi.  It is home to three fully staffed Research Cores that specialize in supporting glycoscience research.  The Analytical and Biophysical Chemistry Core offers a wide variety of services including proteomics, glycomics, posttranslational modification analysis, higher order structural analysis by mass spectrometry, and analytical UHPLC. The Imaging Core offers services including live cell imaging, FRET, FLIP and FRAP photobleaching measurements, immuno- and lectin staining, and other services. Finally, their Computational Chemistry and Bioinformatics Core offers structural modeling and docking of proteins, carbohydrates, glycosides and other molecules, bioinformatics support for big data projects, and training on computational and bioinformatics projects.


Congratulations to The University of Mississippi and GlyCORE!


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