We invite applications from investigators seeking support for innovative biomedical research. Applications must be received by May 15. The expected start date for funded applications is June 1.

The research development grants are designed to support innovative basic and/or translational biomedical research. These grants support research in all health-related areas including, but not limited to, cancer, infectious diseases, obesity and bioinformatics. Multidisciplinary collaborative projects are highly encouraged.

Investigators from all two-year and four-year, primarily undergraduate institutions within Mississippi are eligible to apply. Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

Applicants should follow the instructions in the PHS398 Application Guide. Applications should be submitted by email to msinbre@usm.edu. Applications should include: title, abstract, specific aims (1 page), research strategy (12 pages), biosketch, budget, budget justification and checklist. Applicants are required to have a mentor and/or a collaborator in a related field at a research-intensive university.

The award project period is 1 year. Applicants can apply for up to $50,000 per year direct cost plus indirect cost at their institution’s approved rate. Competing renewals are allowed. Funding of application is contingent on Mississippi INBRE renewal by the National Institute of Health.


Questions may be directed to:
Mohamed Elasri, Ph.D.
Mississippi INBRE, Director


Download the PDF (PDF, 1.17MB)