Mississippi INBRE is pleased to introduce our newest supported faculty member, Dr. Scoty Hearst from Tougaloo College!

Dr. Hearst received his Ph.D. in biochemistry and his Master’s in biomedical science from the University of Mississippi Medical Center after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Jackson State University. His goal has always been to teach as he has a passion for mentoring students. Tougaloo College made a perfect fit for his teaching career as he enjoyed the HBCU atmosphere and desired to work at one of the top ranked U.S. institutions of higher learning. His passion for students is mirrored by the Tougaloo atmosphere and he has enjoyed getting to know the students there.

Dr. Hearst’s research focuses on finding new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. He is able to guide students through biochemistry, neuroscience and cell biology techniques as they take a journey from drug design to engineering. He said, “I believe that this type of research experience paired with the fortitude of Mississippi INBRE and Tougaloo College will build well-rounded students capable of great success in whatever future scientific endeavors they pursue.”

Welcome to Mississippi INBRE, Dr. Hearst!