The Telenutrition Center recently installed a Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) device. DXA is the “gold-standard” for measuring a person’s bone and body composition. Bone and body compositions are direct measures of bone and metabolic health. The GE Lunar iDXA machine allows measures for:

  • Estimation of Visceral Adipose Tissue fat (VAT): serves to help assess obesity and metabolic disease
  • Body Composition: serves to help Physicians, Registered Dietitians and Sports Medicine professionals ascertain need or effectiveness of diet, lifestyle and exercise towards maintaining or achieving overall health and human performance.
  • Bone Density: serves to help clinicians determine overall bone health and risk for fracture.

The Telenutrition Center is based at the University of Southern Mississippi and aims to bridge health disparities for underserved communities in south Mississippi and the surrounding area.