Monthly Archives: September 2017

Catching up with 2014 Mississippi INBRE Service Scholar, Demetria Love

2014 Mississippi INBRE Service Scholar, Demetria Love completed her Service Scholar experience as a sophomore at Tougaloo College. Since completing this experience, Demetria has graduated from Tougaloo College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in chemistry. She continues to volunteer with My Brother’s Keeper as time allows. Demetria is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public […]

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Catching up with 2015 Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar, Jamie Avery/Holder

Jamie Avery/Holder from Mississippi University for Women recently published research in conjunction with her mentor, Dr. Ghanshyam Heda. Their research, entitled “Effects of Reusing Gel Electrophoresis and Electrotransfer Buffers on Western Blotting,” was published in the Journal of biomolecular techniques. Their research was funded by Mississippi INBRE. Jamie has made an impact with her research in […]

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Mississippi INBRE Imaging Facility Director, Dr. Alex Flynt Published Research

Mississippi INBRE’s Imaging Facility Director from The University of Southern Mississippi published his research, “Block ionomer complexes consisting of siRNA and aRAFT-synthesized hydrophilic-block-cationic copolymers II: The influence of cationic block charge density on gene suppression” in the journal Polymer Chemistry. His research is supported in part by Mississippi INBRE.

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2014 Mississippi INBRE Research Scholar Gary Crispell Published Research on Tick-Bourne Diseases

In collaboration with Mississippi INBRE Bioinformatics Core Director, Dr. Shahid Karim from The University of Southern Mississippi, Gary Crispell published his research entitled “Rickettsia parkeri colonization in Amblyomma maculatum: the role of superoxide dismutases” in the journal Parasites & Vectors. Their research was supported in part by Mississippi INBRE.

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