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Student Programs

One of Mississippi INBRE’s major efforts to engage talented researchers and students in biomedical research projects is accomplished through the student pipeline.

Mississippi INBRE has three summer programs: Research Scholars (founded in 2004), Service Scholars (founded in 2013), and Outreach Scholars (founded in 2019). These programs are designed to give students hands-on experience in the field of biomedical research and public health.

There are also academic-year research opportunities available at our partner undergraduate institutions. To learn more, email us at

Research Scholars

The Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars (MIRS) program is a 10-week summer research internship for undergraduate students. Our flagship student program, you’ll work one-on-one in your choice of mentor’s lab as you create your very own research project. Selected students spend one week of biomedical research training at The University of Southern Mississippi where they are taught the basic procedures of biomedical research. Following training, students complete a 9-week internship in their mentor’s laboratory where they develop an abstract to present as a research poster at state, regional, and/or national conferences.

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Health Scholars

The Mississippi INBRE Health Scholars Program (MIHS) is a 10-week summer internship for Mississippi college students. MIHS Scholars gain experience in community engagement and community-based healthcare services research. The program begins with two weeks of orientation at The University of Southern Mississippi. After orientation, scholars engage in an eight-week mentored internship in community engagement research hosted by our partners at My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. and the Mississippi INBRE Telenutrition Center. At the completion of the program, MIHS Scholars prepare an abstract and research poster to present at state, regional and/or national conferences.


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When will I know if I will be awarded a Mississippi INBRE Scholar Award?2022-05-02T17:54:14+00:00

The applications will be reviewed during the beginning of March and notifications will be sent out in mid-March. All applicants, regardless of award status, will be notified via email. Students who are awarded the internship will be required to complete an email acceptance form and a W-9 form that is to be signed and returned to the Mississippi INBRE office by the deadline stated in the email. Failure to complete these forms cancels the award.

How will I know if you received my application on time?2022-05-02T17:55:11+00:00

Once you click submit on the application, your confirmation will be shown at the top of the webpage. If your application lacks a key element, you will be informed and asked to submit the missing items by the deadline. Please note: email is the primary form of communication from our office. Please be sure to enter you email information correctly on your application.

What information should I include in my narrative?2022-05-02T17:55:28+00:00

Be sure to include how the Mississippi INBRE Award will enhance your career goals. Also, include information about yourself, your future goals, why you are in the biomedical research field, what type of biomedical research you are interested in doing, etc. It would be useful to include your past lab experience and classes you have taken to further your knowledge of biomedical research. Previous research experience is not a requirement for any of our programs.

For the Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars program, your narrative should include the answer to the following question: “What do you believe is the connection between public health and biomedical research?”. The narrative is limited to a maximum of two pages.

For the lab-based Research Scholars program, what if I have to work with a graduate student instead of the mentor?2022-05-02T17:55:42+00:00

In many research labs, mentors utilize their graduate students to train new students (both undergraduate and graduate) in research. Working with a graduate student should in no way impede your project and is a very common practice.

What happens if I don’t get along with my mentor?2022-05-02T17:56:07+00:00

Although very rare, occasionally a student and their mentor have personality conflicts that make a productive relationship difficult. Even if this should happen to you, you should respectfully talk to your mentor to try to solve the problem. In nearly every case, the problem is a lack of communication. This is also an opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills, thus we encourage students to stick out the summer unless there are extreme circumstances. Feel free to contact the Mississippi INBRE staff if you need any assistance.

How much should I set aside to attend the meetings that are required of me?2022-05-02T17:57:27+00:00

Remember, the money to attend the conferences is part of your internship award. Mississippi INBRE will not be of further financial assistance for attendance of these meetings. Usually $250 to $300 is a sufficient amount to set aside to attend these meeting, but may vary depending on your particular travel and lodging arrangements. The Mississippi Academy of Sciences will be held in late February and the Mississippi INBRE Symposium will be held the last week of your internship.

Is tax already taken out of the awards for Mississippi INBRE Research Scholars, Service Scholars, or Outreach Scholars?2022-05-02T17:57:41+00:00

This award is subject to income tax regulations. You will receive a 1099 tax form early the following year for reporting purposes.

What if I have to leave the internship before it is over?2022-05-02T17:57:58+00:00

Any awards for projects less than 10-weeks will be pro-rated, or money will be deducted based on the amount of time you missed of your internship.

For the Mississippi INBRE Service Scholars program or the Mississippi INBRE Outreach Scholars Program, do I need to find a mentor?2022-05-02T17:58:19+00:00

No, for the Service Scholars program students will be working with My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. out of Jackson, MS. They will provide mentors for you during your two-week training period.

No, for the Outreach Scholars program students will be working with Faculty and Staff of the Mississippi INBRE Telenutrition Center at The University of Southern Mississippi. They match you with a research mentor during your first week of orientation training.

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