In the Lab

The Mississippi INBRE Instrumentation & Services Core is led by Dr. Michael Garrett, Core Director. Mississippi INBRE supports five instrumentation core facilities throughout the state of Mississippi: a molecular and genomics facility at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, an imaging facility at The University of Southern Mississippi, a proteomics facility at Mississippi State University, a metabolomics and lipidomics facility at Mississippi State University and a cell bioenergetics facility at the University of Mississippi.

Mississippi INBRE Core Facilities provide researchers in Mississippi access to the latest equipment and technical expertise. In addition, they can be used for student education and training. These services are offered at greatly reduced or competitive fees due to Mississippi INBRE support.

Dr. Michael Garrett

Instrumentation & Services Core Director,

Genomics Facility Director


Dr. Jonathan Lindner

Imaging Facility Director


Dr. Tibor Pechan

Proteomics Facility Director


Dr. Thomas Werfel

Cell Bioenergetics Facility Director


Dr. Matthew Ross

Metabolomics & Lipidomics Facility Domain Expert


Dr. Bindu Nanduri

Metabolomics & Lipidomics Core Facility Director