Dr. Kuan-Hui (Ethan) Chen is the newest faculty hire recruited to Delta State University by Mississippi INBRE. Joining DSU in August 2020, Dr. Chen serves as an Assistant Professor of Biology in the Department of Math and Sciences, where he will be teaching General Biology, Immunology, Biology of Human Diseases, and Cancer Biology courses in addition building his own research lab focused on metastatic cancer research with research support funding provided by Mississippi INBRE Research Developmental Project Grant for 2020-2022.


Dr. Chen built upon his bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Tzu Chi University, Taiwan and Master’ degree in Biotechnology from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, by receiving his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California at Riverside in 2011. Through his graduate and post-doctoral work at UC-Riverside, Dr. Chen developed his research focus on endocrine-related cancers and the role of endocrines, particularly prolactin, in tumor progression. In 2016, Dr. Chen began working as an independent research at UC-Riverside, where his research transitioned to focus on the interactions of immune cells and metastatic cancer stem cells with support funding of $187,500 from the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) Innovative Developmental and Exploratory Award (IDEA) grant (2017-2019). Dr. Chen’s research contributions to the cancer field include one patent for “Splice Modulating Oligonucleotides that Inhibit Cancer”, 13 first-author or co-authored peer-reviewed publications, an e-book chapter, and numerous conference presentations.


Dr. Chen’s research at Delta State University focuses on the mechanics of metastatic cancer stem cells mediated immune escape through directly modulation of the function of T effector cells, interaction with T regulatory cells, and alteration of macrophage polarization. Dr. Chen’s goals in completing this project are to determine a way forward in the development of new therapeutic strategies against the metastatic cancer cells and potentially improve the quality of life and survival in all cancer patients, particularly patients with or at risk of metastasis.


Mississippi INBRE is delighted to have Dr. Chen as the newest member of our research network, as we work to build a research culture and support network for junior faculty to build their labs are predominately undergraduate institutions in Mississippi. Dr. Chen’s expertise in metastatic cancer therapy research is a welcomed contribution to the state of Mississippi, but most importantly for the students of Delta State University who will have immediate exposure to his work through classes and research experience opportunities in his research lab!


Congratulations, Dr. Chen, and welcome to the Mississippi INBRE family!


For more information about Dr. Chen, or to contact him, please see his DSU faculty research page, http://www.deltastate.edu/contact/kuan-hui-chen/.