The Mississippi INBRE Metabolomics & Lipidomics Core Facility provides metabolic & lipidomic research expertise to researchers throughout the state. Hosted by the Center for Biomedical Research Excellence in Pathogen Host Interactions at Mississippi State University, the Metabolomics & Lipidomics Core Facility offers such services as the capture and analyzation of metabolites, lipids and other small molecules using high resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Equipment available through the core enables both untargeted and targeted analysis of small molecules, as well as exact mass determination. 

Contact Dr. Bindu Nanduri at or 662.325.5859 for more information.

Equipment List

TSQ QuantisTSQ Quantis Plus Triple Quadrupole Mass SpectrometerThe (UHPLC) TSQ Quantis™ accurately measures the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of ions, either positively or negatively charged and exhibits rapid scan rates and can be configured to alternately scan a designated mass range (e.g., between 2 to 3000 m/z) in the analyzer. The TSQ Quantis™ is configured to focus ion selectivity by Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM), therefore, can be used for both quantitative and qualitative (discovery and development) analyses of compounds detected in targeted metabolomics and lipidomics samples.
Orbitrap ExplorisOrbitrap Exploris 240™ Mass SpectrometerThe Orbitrap Exploris 240TM mass spectrometer is a hybrid quadrupole-orbitrap MS platform. It contains a unit resolution quadrupole mass filter in series with a high-resolution, accurate mass analyzer (e.g., between 40 to 6000 m/z) that can be used for targeted and untargeted metabolomics/lipidomics.