Curricular Modules



Optogenetics uses light sensitive proteins to modify expression and behavior of cells by exposing the cells to light within a specific wavelength. Using this technique, students will create photographs with [...]

Bacterial Art

  Students will use genetically engineered bacteria producing fluorescent pigments to create art on agar plates. Painting with bacteria requires the strict use of aseptic techniques, understanding of bacterial growth [...]


CRISPR has quickly become one the most important and widely used tools in genetic engineering, thanks in large part to its ease of use and low cost. In this module, [...]


ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is a widely used tool for detecting the presence of biological agents and even specific molecular markers on cells. It can be used to diagnose diseases, [...]

Wolbachia Rodeo

Wolbachia is an endosymbiotic bacterium that is necessary for the function of certain insects’ reproductive systems. In this module, students will collect samples and determine if Wolbachia is found in [...]

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